Ukens student (Student of the week) : Zeynep Yarkin

Zeynep Yarkin. Photo: Håvard Nielsen

Every week we find a student at Narvik University College and get to know them better. This week we meet Zeynep Yarkin

Text/Photo: Håvard Nielsen

How old are you?

33 years old. 

Where are you from?

I’m from the capital of Turkey, Ankara. Many Norwegians may have been on holiday in Antalya, but there are so much more to see in Turkey!

What are you studying?

Right now I’m study Norwegian here at HiN. That’s a one-year program, and I’m planning to study a bachelor in economy here too. That would actually be my second bachelor. I already hold a bachelor in law studies from the Baskent University in Ankara.

After my bachelor in law studies I worked as a lawyer for eight years.
I also went to the culinary school for a year before I moved to Norway.

Why did you choose this program?

I want to be my own boss and maybe start a business. Then it’s okay to know a little of economics. Maybe I would like to start a restaurant, but time will show. I still have plenty of time to decide! The Norwegian course is for obvious reasons – I need to learn the language.

Why did you choose Norway and Narvik?

Norway is a nice country to live in. I like to live in a country where the people are protected by the law. The Norwegian system takes care of everyone who needs it, and that’s not something you find everywhere in the world.

Considering which city to choose, Narvik was a great choice for me. I wanted to study Norwegian and economics, and here I found both.

I don’t know too many Norwegians yet though, but I work at a restaurant here in Narvik, and there I get to meet a lot of different people. Norwegians generally seems to be really nice and easygoing.

How do you spend your free time?

I work a lot. I also like to take a walk in the seashore and hiking in the mountains. In Ankara we don’t get to see the ocean, so that’s something I really appreciate here in Narvik. Otherwise I like to listen to music and watch movies. I also have a great interest for cooking, and especially natural and organic food. I’m a member of the “Slow Food” movement. It promotes an alternative to fast food.

Traveling, meeting new people and experience new cultures is always great. I love that!

Oh, I would also love to learn to ski!

What is the best thing about studying in Narvik?

Since it’s a small school it’s easier to get in touch with people across the different disciplines. It’s also easier to get personal guidance from the professors. Elsewhere you may speak with the professors a hundred times, but they still don’t recognise you.

What is the worst thing about studying in Narvik?

I have not experienced anything negative so far. The weather hasn’t been too bad yet either, but I’m prepared for the winter.

What did you have for dinner yesterday?

Rice, meatballs and onion rings. Oh, and some garlic bread! I like to cook from scratch, with natural ingredients. When I’m really exhausted it may happened that I make me a frozen pizza, but that’s not every day.

Would you rather have chronic hiccups, or smell Cheese Doodles for the rest of your life?

Oh, that’s a tough one! Maybe hiccups?

Imagine there is a zombie apocalypse, and you end up in an awkward situation. You can either save yourself, or you can save your boyfriend, and end up as a zombie yourself in the attempt. What do you choose?

Save my boyfriend. No doubt!

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